GRACE FAMILY is essentially inclusive in nature.  Though its origin is specifically Catholic, its mission is fundamentally about Christianity and ultimately to humanity.  The great commission of Christ to His disciples in Matthew 28:19 is the mission compass of Grace Family.  And all the nations of the world form its ultimate mission field.


As a gospeDSC_0270l Family with a vision that is uniquely defined by inclusivity and unity, Grace Family is located in the intersection of Humanity, Christianity, and the Catholic Church.  Grace Family is at the centre where Humanity, Christianity and the Catholic Church are in agreement. And that central spot is GRACE. God’s Grace is the universal sun that shines upon all humans – non-Christians and Christians alike, (including Catholic Christians).  God’s Grace is what will save Christians – both Catholics and non-Catholics.  That Grace is what Christ commands us to preach to all humans.  For everyone that will be saved, will be saved by that Grace.

Grace Family therefore, is a large or extended family of all who have been saved by God’s grace; and all others who stand in need of that same grace for salvation.


Grace Family as a Family of Gospel ministries’ gestation periologod occurred between 2004 and the early part of 2006.  The birth of Grace Family, in the real sense of it, was in the second quarter of 2006.

In 2004, Rev. Fr. Patrick made a music album under the auspices of Divine Grace Praise Project.  Hence the music or worship ministry of Grace Family was the first herald of the imminent birth of Grace Family as a Family of Ministries.  In October 2005, Fr. Patrick had his first experience of preaching on Radio.  Between January and February of the following year (2006), a weekly radio outreach program, ‘SEASON OF GRACE,’ was born.  The weekly radio program was under the sponsorship of Grace Family Media Outreach,



Catholic Diocese of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. At this point the full birth of Grace Family, as it is known today, was only a few months away.

About the beginning of the second quarter of 2006, Rev. Fr. Patrick met Mr. Innocent Nwawuike, who was then on his National Youth Service assignment.  Innocent, who at that point was convinced of a call into full time Ministry, had three other young men as prayer partners.  They were Anthony Ndey, Kole Adegbite and James Aniekpon.  These four young men became the first disciples or partners with which Fr. Patrick began Grace Family as a family of prayer and preaching.

In a matter of few months, The group was expanded to include new members namely, Uchenna Okpara, David Patrick and Grace Ekpo.

The activities of the young group consisted of prayer camps, rural community outreach programs with the youths as special targets, and Revival Retreat Programs.  Providentially, Fr. Patrick was the Diocesan Chaplain of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria at that time.  This opportunity brought about ministry collaboration between Grace Family and the Charismatic Renewal in the Diocese.  This collaboration gave birth to NIGHT OF GRACE – a monthly Revival ministry meeting. With the appointment of a new chaplain for the charismatics Renewal in Uyo Diocese, the collaboration naturally came to an end.  Nevertheless, NIGHT OF GRACE remains one of the key ministry activities of Grace Family.

All of the original partners (disciples) that found Grace Family have moved on except one – Anthony Ndey.

However, Grace Family is growing and expanding, with more and more people being incorporated as volunteers and full time workers.