Grace Family owes its origin to the personal experience and conviction of a Catholic Priest Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet.  Grace and Family are the two realities found, at the end of the distillation process of the life experience of Fr. Patrick, both before, and after his first personal encounter with God.


GRACE:  Fr. Patrick’s life for 22 years before a personal radical encounter with God’s love and mercy; the challenges of accepting and following the call to the Catholic Priesthood, which arose from that encounter; his daily struggles both to keep his personal relationship with God and to live the reality of his call to the priesthood, have left in his understanding and consciousness the indelible imprint of GRACE. For Fr. Patrick, life generally, and the Christian life in particular, is all about grace.

He is firm in his conviction that when God is involved, everything is grace and grace is everything.  Though grace cannot compensate for lack of effort and commitment in life, but these in themselves, without grace, can achieve nothing of divine value.  Our efforts depend on grace, and grace both inspires and empowers our efforts in working out our salvation. St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 2 verse 8, is his scriptural justification and explanation.


FAMILY:  Rev. Fr. Patrick was born into a family that was not only large, but also inclusive in nature.  Strangers (or visitors) and immediate members of the family were treated with the same standard.  His mother, in particular, had an uncanny way of identifying and relating with almost everyone she met as a cousin.  The implication: Fr. Patrick grew up with the conviction that, one’s family included not only the immediate members, but everyone else as well.


Shaped by his earliest influence in life, Fr. Patrick sees humanity for what it truly is: one large family with everyone as a member.  He sees Christianity as his extended family of faith, within the larger human family. Lastly, the Catholic Church is, for Fr. Patrick, his immediate faith family, within the larger Christian family.