Grace Family Global Outreach is passionately committed to spreading the Gospel in words and action. As the Scripture says, “Faith without works is dead”. we are deeply involved in reaching out to all classes of people at different levels through various channels.

Media Outreach:

With our programs on six radio stations and seven television stations, Christians all over the world have equal opportunity to connect grace, healing, deliverance, liberation and revelation for changing destinies and rewriting histories. Thus the spread of the Gospel is more widespread and extends beyond the shores of Nigeria to the ends of the earth. Click to know more.

Education Foundation:

Grace Family Foundation was established with the aim of giving children from humble financial background the same opportunity their better-placed counterparts have to acquire Western education so that they too can be adequately equipped to be productive citizens of the society. The Foundation is currently financing a mission school in a poor rural community in Uyo diocese, Uyo, Akwa ibom state and is in partnership with an NGO called Save the Children Campaign. Click to know more.


Care Outreach:

Grace Family Care Outreach is an arm established to give hope to the downtrodden and rejected of the society as well as the medically impaired. In its periodic outreaches to orphanages, medical centres, mental rehabilitation centres and other institutions that cater to humanity, it shares the love of Christ for the broken and the needy, bringing the reality of Christ’s unconditional love much closer to them. Click to know more.

There are other channels employed in Grace Family Global Outreach for spreading the gospel which can be seen by visiting this link.

You too can be an evangelist for God. When you make a contribution, you extend an arm of Christian love and friendship that says there is hope for someone who felt hopeless and you bring a smile to his face. you attract the reward for drawing souls to God.


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