Grace and Inspiration (Recorded)


13th April, 2016

6th April, 2016


O Lord, our God, how excellent is your name in all the earth. “You who set your glory above the heavens”. Your glory  O Lord, shall be our reward. THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR GRACE!

FR PATRICK  Following Jesus  is the greatest joy with the greatest price which the worldly minded cannot see because it is hidden, for the  evil ones have blinded their eyes with the treasures of this world. The heart that yearns and searches for it,only, can discover, understand and accept it’s worth, to be able to let everything else go away in order to possess it. We either belong wholly to the world or wholly to God. Heaven, being the great treasure,is here on earth, if we can  ‘surrender’  everything to be alone with JESUS WHO IS ENOUGH FOR US.

GRACE AND INSPIRATION… With Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet.

Experience the revelation in the word that rewrites your story. It’s a time of drawing water with joy from the well of salvation. It’s all about worship, healing, liberation, outburst of testimonies, breakthrough, and revelation at the feet of the master. Join us on planet 101.1fm, Uyo, Nigeria, every wednesday from 10am-12noon (NIGERIAN TIME). Come, feed from the manna of Heaven’s kitchen, where the oil never runs dry…

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Mission Bearer

Rev. Fr. Patrick Edet
Rev. Fr. Patrick EdetThe Mission Bearer
Fr. Patrick’s life for 22 years before a personal radical encounter with God’s love and mercy; the challenges of accepting and following the call to the Catholic Priesthood, which arose from that encounter; his daily struggles both to keep his personal relationship with God and to live the reality of his call to the priesthood, have left in his understanding and consciousness the indelible imprint of GRACE. For Fr. Patrick, life generally, and the Christian life in particular, is all about grace.
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