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Some thought it would soon fall apart, some said it was impossible. But thanks to God for the unshakeable conviction of the mission bearer of this media outreach ministry, Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet, the dream was not buried prematurely. With burning zeal and passion, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, he took up the mandate of spreading the Gospel of Grace through the media. With partners in prayer and finance, he traversed the rocky ground of little beginnings.

From one sweaty studio in Akwa Ibom state to six radio stations and seven television stations spanning Africa and beyond, we are awed by the power of the Most High who can make a giant out of a midget.

Today, after ten years characterised by ups and downs, Grace Family testifies that God is faithful! Today, we look around as we mark the tenth anniversary of our media outreach, and all we see is that there is only one way for us to go from here, and that is up! It is not on account of our efforts or strength, it has only been, it is, and it will always be GRACE! Thank you Jesus, for Your Amazing Grace.

SEASON OF GRACE; Broadcasting The Truth Of God’s Words

What Else? If Not The Word Of God Which Is Spirit And Life

Since January 2006, Season of Grace, an inspiring teaching program has been on radio. It is anchored and hosted by Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet, and sponsored by the media outreach ministry of Grace Family. At present, Season of Grace is on six radio stations across Nigeria. Tune into any of the following stations close to you for soul-lifting, inspiring and life-transforming messages from Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet.

The Mission Bearer

He is firm in his conviction that when God is involved, everything is grace and grace is everything. Though grace cannot compensate for lack of effort and commitment in life, but these in themselves, without grace, can achieve nothing of divine value. Our efforts depend on grace, and grace both inspires and empowers our efforts in working out our salvation.

Its All God

St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 2 verse 8, is his scriptural justification and explanation.

radio stations

You can have a direct part in supporting our mission of providing the Scripture to all peoples in their language. CLICK HERE for more information!

We thank the Lord for continuing to provide support for this work.