A time and place where true worshipers of Christ worship Him in truth and in spirit.’Come!bless thy Lord,all ye servants of the lord,lifting up our hands in the holy place for HE,our God,deserves it.He is our Father and we are His people,the sheep of His flock.


No one becomes a champion without a fight, just like David in 1sam.17:41-48, who fought a good fight of faith with goliath for Israel’s freedom in the name of the God of Israel, and the lord gave him victory. A champion does not run away from the challenges of life instead, he finds a way through it, because the lord is his strength. Let us run towards the battle line today with His word as we gather with the master at dinner for champions. Run to it and take your weapons of warfare for the bible says, ‘they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds’. Hallelujah!

The  first manifestation of the apostles were to sing [declare] His praise. What more can we do for our creator than lifting up our holy  hands in  praise and worship unto our Maker and King,  where His presence feels our hearts with unending joy and peace. ALLELUIA!  God has given us victory through His son Jesus Christ by using praise to destroy our enemies.[proverb 8:2]

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