God is indeed faithful. Since October 2015, my monthly flow ceased for no reason. Since I didn’t have the money needed for medical treatment, I started sending in prayer requests every Wednesday, praying for healing. When I got the information concerning the 40 days fast, I decided to join. I started the fast on the first day and on the third (3rd) day of January, my monthly flow was restored! I am so grateful to God. May His Name be praised now and forever!                                                       —Anon


I want to thank God for the healing He gave me during the dinner for champions in January 2016. I had spent the whole Christmas season in sickness and had difficulty in breathing. I came with the sickness to dinner for champions and went back totally healed. I can now breathe freely. Thank God for liberating me.

   — Regina Asuquo, Uyo, Nigeria.


I want to testify that since I joined this 40 days fast and prayers, I have been healed of every pain and disease in my body and I have internal joy in my soul. God is real. Thank you for bringing me closer to God.

                                                  —-Michael from Ekpene Ukim, Nigeria


One of my brother’s friends who is a senior seminarian, was in the hospital, seriously sick and needed blood urgently. I went and donated blood for him but didn’t go back to visit him. After a week, my brother called me and told me that the sickness was very serious, the boy in question had been placed on oxygen. He couldn’t eat or even help himself. His stomach was swollen. He had been diagnosed of cancer. This was on the 21st day of the fast. I went and visited him. Then when I came for the program that evening, I told God to show His Might in the life and health of the boy. During the ministration, Father mentioned cancer being healed. I keyed in to it. The same message came through another priest who came the following day to preach and I keyed into it also. From then, God started showing His Hand.


I want to thank God for this eight days program that is bringing an end to the 40 days covenant fast this year. I have been having weak erection for about3 years now. On the 2nd of February, Fr. said under the leading of the Holy Spirit, that there is a light-skinned young man who had weak erection. I immediately claimed that that was me. That was my instant healing, to the Glory of God!


I want to testify to the fact that there is God here in Grace Family. Last year, a group of people who said they were from Ministry of environment came to my shop and harassed me, accusing me of selling expired goods. Before I knew what was happening, the case had been charged to court. I attended the first two hearings. On the 3rd of February, 2016, we were to have the third hearing. A day before that day, they came again and began packing my goods. I tried opposing them but it was to no avail. I came that day to the prayer program with a very heavy heart. I remembered the testimony of a man who had a court case that God closed through Father’s ministration. I keyed into that testimony and prayed with it. After the program, I was prompted to call a man I knew who hardly ever picked my calls. I told him my predicament. He declared “that case is closed.” When we got into the court that day, my barrister said, “order from above says this case must be closed” and just like that, the case was closed. I thank the God who called Fr. Patrick with all my heart.


One day during the 40 days covenant fast and prayers, I came to the program and somebody testified that God had blessed him with many things, including a new car and a big parcel of land. I keyed into that testimony and told God that I have served Him as a reverend sister for some years, He should please give me a car. I heard a voice ask me if I would be able to afford fueling the car but I only laughed. The following morning, I got a text on my phone that read “your car is coming from Ore.” To my amazement, a brand new car was brought to Uyo for me. After that car arrived, another one came! Praise the Lord!


I want to testify on behalf of a brother who has been attending our programs here. He is a plumber. From the beginning of the 40 days fast this year, he requested God to bless him with a car, at the same time confessing that he had no idea how God would work the miracle, given his means of livelihood and the returns he gets from it. Behold, within the time frame of January, out of the three people who were empowered in his local government area, he was given a brand new car! Our God is a Provider!

                                     — Fr. Edidiong Udoidiong, Akwa Ibom state.    


For ten years, I was an asthmatic patient. I had been to many places. In 2007, I was told that I would not live till 2008, that I was from the marine world with a mission to suck my parents’ pockets dry after which I would return to where I came from. My friend persuaded me to come for this program. (I tried and attended the program on one of the days. During ministration, Fr. mentioned someone healed of asthma. I claimed). I used to be an asthmatic patient. I abstained from eating a good number of foods and I practically depended on drugs and inhalers to survive. During the night of grace in January which was part of the 40 days fast this year, Fr. was ministering and he said, “That inhaler you think your life depends on, you will throw it away tonight.” I immediately claimed it to be my healing. That very night, I threw away, not only the inhaler but the drugs that had been my indispensable companions for years. From then till now as I testify, I eat, exercise and move around the way I like. Every trace of asthma has disappeared completely! Praise the Lord!




One spectacular feature of the 40 days of bliss in the Lord’s presence was the visit of the Bishop of Uyo Catholic Diocese on the fortieth day which was the ninth of February. The chief shepherd of the Diocese, His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. John Ebebe Ayah was there in person to grace the venue! Although it was not his first visit to the programs organized by Grace Family, it was definitely the first time he addressed the participants. He expressed his heartfelt joy and delight at seeing Christians gather to seek God’s presence, thanked them for keeping the faith and appreciated the priest, Rev. Fr. Patrick Henry Edet for submitting himself for service to God, Christianity and humanity. He enjoined all Christians who were present to remember their obligations as Christians in exhibiting the love of Christ towards their neighbors, especially in terms of charitable deeds and works. He promised that there will be more of his visits. He ended his speech by raising his hand over the crowd who joyfully went on both knees in humility to receive the bishop’s blessing.

Listen to the bishop’s speech by playing the audio below.