Bitterness makes you go to war. Children are the future while wives are the ones that put order in the home. Whatever have robbed you of life you are in your right season of recovery. If your eyes are opened to see the long things waiting for in the future you will pray long prayer. Life favours those who pray. When your husband is sick he will say pursue and overtake. Until you pursue you will not recover. No matter what you are facing right now God says pursue (1Sam 30:6). God does not waste words. Marriage is not success; marriage is a means not an end. Opportunity is not success God wants you to talk about ideas. It is the plan of God that whatever has been taken from you should be given to you. David opened the door before he was threatened to be stoned. But he encouraged himself in the Lord his God. No matter what you have done when you repent God will accept you. God is not ready to listen to our stories but He wants to see us return to Him. He is the only one with the right to kill because He is the only one who can create. You cannot go to God and die.

3. Do not expect everyone to go with you: In life do not expect everyone to go with you. 400 men were willing to go with David out of the 600. So many destinies have not come to the place of recovery because they are not ready to go and pursue and seek alone. If you see it then carry it. God reveals things to you because you can do it. Everything you see deal with it. The other remaining two hundred were too exhausted. If you are too exhausted to pursue stay home. The difference between the 400 hundred and the 200 is hunger. On the day of adversity you will know who is in your life. What are you doing with your strength? Build your strength. If you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small (Pr.24:10). They are people who go through things and they stand. Build your strength to use on the day of affliction.

If you cannot stand well pray. Do not worry about the future. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Let tomorrow come and meet you ready. Life is a battle and love is war. We fight to love. Affliction comes to everyone but there are people who wait for affliction and they stand ready while there are people who die before affliction comes. If you are part of the 200 of life you die before the battle begins. You cannot be the 200 and be the 400. Success is meant for those with extra oil. Blessed are you that have the mindset of extra. The extra ordinary people are different by the extra things they do. The strength of God will come and separate you from the 200 and put you among the 400.

The 400 turned their frustration into opportunity. People failed and put danger ahead and their mess becomes their message. The 400 are not discouraged when they are insulted. Too many people who are insulting you today do not know what you will become tomorrow. Work harder and pray. God permits people to insult you so that you can sit up. Those that insult you today will book appointment to see you tomorrow. Match on from rejection. Match on to new things and start something new if the old is not working for you. Pursue new things and leave the past behind. Move on with your life. God will not tell you to pursue when there is nothing. Pursue even when there is nothing ahead. If you see it then it is your time to pray it out to reality. Pray for your marriage to come through. You are the one to change the story line of your family.

Everyone can see the pain and lament. But not everyone can move on. After lamenting pursue and move on. It is natural to lament but after you have lamented move on with your life. You have your life to take care of. If all you do is to sit down and lament you will not recover.

4. Watch out for the one who needs recovery (1Sam.30:11-12). The 400 hundred went away from the 200. They were looking for their wives but they gave help to an Egyptian on the way. When you see what you not are looking for in the process of searching for what you were looking for, pay attention to it. That may be the beginning of your recovery. If you don’t watch over what God has given you, you will miss it. The difference between failure and success is wisdom. Destinies have crash because of lack of wisdom. If you are looking for recovery know that God will first of all bring somebody who needs recovery before you and if you fight that one on the way of your recovery you will miss your recovery.

5. Learn wisdom everyday of your life. God does not fail because you fail and He does not fall because you have fallen. Seek recovery of what you see next and your own will come. Give attention to someone by your side. Take it easy and notice somebody. Everybody has a dream respect people. Do not look down on people you are not too good in life. See the Egyptian besides you and meet their needs. If only we can be more attentive. If only we can be a little bite passionate and see what others are looking for. Joseph had his own pain and depression but he had time to see the pain of others. When you see the pain of others that becomes the door way to your recovery. Joseph paid attention to the pain of others and God met him at the point of his needs. Receive the grace of recovery in Jesus name. Amen!

Prayer Guide

Thank God for this season of recovery.

Ask God for the grace to help those in need around you.

Pray that God should use you to bring the recovery of your family line.

Pray that the beautiful things you see in the realm will come to reality.

Pray seriously with (1Sam 30:11-12, Pr. 22:10 & ISam 30:6).