By a Prophet

The ministry of the prophet gives you access to provision in unexpected and unpredictable sources. When God is taking you to somewhere He has made plan for you ahead of time. If where God is taking you to right now you are seeing nothing, there is something. Everything we eat on earth comes from the ground, and when God wants to give you abundant harvest, He sends you supernatural food from the ground of heaven. The ground of the desert could not produce anything for the Israelite on their journey to the Promised Land. If right now the ground of your destiny cannot yield anything good, God has plan for another ground of Heaven.

In the desert, the ground of their expectation failed. Sometimes the ground of your expectation has nothing to offer you but there is a ground that you know nothing about (Ex.16:4). This year, in that place where there is no bread; God is sending provision for your vision, provision for your marriage and provision for your fulfillment. God says: ‘I will rain down!’  To be a prophet you need to be attentive to God so that you don’t miss what God is saying to the people. God says He will rain down provision when your ground cannot produce, when your office cannot produce, He will rain down. Everything that is needed in your life that your ground cannot produce, He will rain down.

You need a prophet because it takes a prophet to bring you revelation. The Israelites ate manna for 40 years by the prophet. Manna is what your father did not have to give that God is raining down. Until you get to the next level where things are ready for you, God rains down manna. Every season of your life has provision. Manna was just provision for a season. By the direction of the Lord their marah situation was sweet. God is responsible when He is in charge. When you live your life according to your forefathers and your flesh, God is not involved. The first song is the song of your salvation. When you walk according to the word of God, you will benefit from the ministry of the prophet (James 1:22-25).

A prophet brings people to God and tells them what he hears from God. A true prophet is a living example of God’s word. A false prophet draws your attention to signs. When signs are placed above Christ it is called Anti-Christ. The world is not lacking in signs, what the world is lacking is God and holiness. The work of the prophet is to cry out to the Lord on behalf of the people (Ex.17:1-6). Expect water from the rock this, expect provision from the rock. Elijah told the widow to go and borrow empty jars to pour oil in them, and she obeyed and prospered from the instructions of the prophet. When the prophet says something you need to take responsibility by acting on it. Be far in your vision this year; go beyond the boundary of your location. Travel far in your range and imagination.  If you are not a president as a father you can train your child to become one when you are no more. Don’t get angry with those that make you feel little, you need friends that can make you feel intimidated so that you can rise and do something. You must do something this year!

When you see only rock while you are looking for water, expect water from the rock. God told the Israelite to camp at Rephidim where there was no water for them. A camp is a temporal location to your Promised Land. But when God is the one leading you to the camp where there is no water, He has made provision. God cannot take you to a place of camping without water. Right now you may be in a marriage or an office where there is no water, keep quiet! God has made provision. A prophet talks and sees beyond your problem. A prophet is ahead of your situation because God is ahead. God commanded Moses to move ahead from the grumbling of the people with the elders to see what He can do from the rock.

Without a prophet, all you see are issues. When a prophet goes ahead, it means that in a little while things will get better. When God saved you yesterday His pattern of salvation has not changed, He can still save you today by the word of the prophet. Take the staff of the word of God and apply it to your situation this year. The primary responsibility of the prophet is to make you see possibility in impossibility. By a prophet your life has changed! By a prophet you will drink water from the rock this year and by a prophet, enter your place of expansion in Jesus name, Amen!

              Prayer Guide

  • Thank God for this revelation for your provision.
  • Spend time and pray for those whom God has called to speak His word that they may be closer to God in order to speak from the perspective of God.
  • Pray that God will send you a true prophet that carries the key to your situation.
  • Pray for overflow of blessings in your life.
  • Ask God for enlargement of your coast this year.
  • Pray that you will not miss the season of your visitation this year.
  • Study and Pray with 1Chr.4:9-10, Ps, 66:10-12, Hosea 12:13, Ex. 16:4 and 17:1-6