Covenant comes with responsibility. For you to prosper you have to give. Anywhere that you receive without giving may not bless you. The term of a covenant is obedience. The only way to relate with God is obedience. You can never claim to have relationship with God without obedience. God is in a covenant with man to take care of the earth. Man is made a steward. Whatever profession you are into God keeps you there as a steward and you are tending the garden. We are in partnership with God.

In every partnership there is a respect. God respect your freedom and action. Your blessing is a covenant gift for God. Increase comes when we use what we have to bless others. When you help a poor man it is your obligation. Certain people’s answer to prayer is in your pocket. When you begin to see your profession and ability in a covenant relationship with God it blesses you. As you are tending the garden in your place of assignment you will have your reward. If you don’t take care of your responsibility you are not responsible for God’s response. When you have accepted your covenant responsibility God rewards you by bringing you help (Gen 2:18).

An ambassador of a country is that country personified that he is representing. You are God’s representative on earth. When God has given you responsibility God takes over your responsibility. God trust you enough to give you a child to make you responsible. God knows what you need and your pain. If you have a covenant responsibility God takes care of you. If you recognize that what you have is given to you by God you will use it responsibly for God’s glory. Lack of purpose leads to early grave and purpose makes you desire long life and good days (Ps.34:14). Until you know God you don’t know what you want. God trust you to give you a wife. You were made to play in God’s league. The league you play in life determines the quality of your life. You cannot be in the league of God and die. If you are interested in God’s responsibility He gives you what you need. When you are in a covenant relationship your battle is of God.

        Prayer Guide

  • Thank God for another revelation for your growth.
  • Surrender your work and your assignment to God and let Him have His way.
  • Ask God for the grace of responsibility in everything you do.
  • Study and pray with Gen.2:18, 2Chr 20:13-15, Matt.6:33, Col.3:22-24.