The supernatural has to do with the spiritual. It is above and beyond the natural, hence, the natural faculties do not work there. Enforcing order is making sure that things are in their place at the appropriate time. The laws binding the natural does not bind the supernatural. God remains the greatest authority in the supernatural. Nothing happens in the physical without happening first in the supernatural.

The supernatural is a place of power and authority. Jesus exercised power and control in the resuscitation of his friend Lazarus (John 11). The news of Lazarus sickness did not make Jesus panic or cancel the plans he already had. The bible records that he stayed back for two more days and by the time He arrived, Lazarus had died four days before. The worse scenario did not discourage Jesus. He exercised authority and Lazarus came back to life. This authority is what we exercise as Christians through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many times things happen or even become patterns and we cannot explain or understand how they happen, therefore we dissipate energy on the natural with very little or no result. Beloved, whatever happens in the physical to you was conceived in the supernatural be it good or evil. When a home is broken, or a loved one dies, or a business packs up, or a child misbehaves or even things going wrong, it was first conceived in the supernatural and birthed in the natural. Most times, the individuals that execute this acts are not aware that they are being used by the supernatural in the negative nor do they have control over their actions or themselves. If we understand this, then we can abort in the supernatural anything we do not want birthed in the physical.

It is of utmost importance that as Christians we are alive to the supernatural so that we can always be directed by the Holy Spirit and with the information received, we enforce order in the supernatural. Remember, people perish not for lack of power but lack of knowledge.

Check the happenings in your life and around your household and begin to enforce order in the supernatural.

Prayer Guide

  • Thank God for this revelation on enforcing order in the supernatural
  • Repent of any sin that has separated you from the place of power in Jesus Christ
  • Order the abortion of anything evil orchestrated for you and your household in the supernatural.
  • Enforce order and take delivery of your blessings

Job 5:12, Isaiah 8:10, Isaiah 60:17-18