• Open Heaven takes away from you the source of shame, disgrace and reproach (Ex.3:1). When somebody lives a life of reproach it means there is shame. You have to deal with the source of your reproach. Open heaven is when God intervene in a miraculous way. God wants to remove the source of reproach. Open heaven gives God opportunity to call you by name. There are some things we wear that we are not aware of. There are things attach to your life that can bring you shame. There are things you must remove for your marriage to be successful.

God wants to take from you the person and the habit that will bring you shame. God cannot deal with you the way you are. He deals with you the way He wants you to be. In ministry, you cannot go far until you let go certain things. The issue of letting go certain things is necessary for your growth. Moses was told to remove the shoe he was wearing because he was standing on a holy ground. There are some families that have particular sandal that everyone wears. It could be that you were named after somebody and you are already manifesting the characteristic of that person in your life. Do not name your children after anybody you don’t know.

  • Open Heaven brings judgment on the agent of deception and robbery (IKgs18:30-40). Some people are surrounded by agents of deception. When you five up wrong things in your life God steps in and takes control of whoever wants to harm you. God wants you to repair your altar of relationship with Him. Certain people remain in the same level because the damaged relationship with God is not repaired. When God repairs you He takes you to where you can win. Consecration makes you live on the bill of God. Consecration makes you one with God. Altar is where you give to God and where you receive from God. There are things you cannot receive until you give all to God. At the altar you give your flesh, your youthfulness and you receive God’s favour. If you become a living sacrifice in the hands of God you are honoured.

The prophet of Baal in our time is anything that takes you away from the place of God. Anything that takes your attention from the presence of God also has a capacity to deprive you of the blessings of God. Wherever takes you away from the place of God takes you away from your blessing. What Baal did to Israelites is what immorality is doing to our generation. Immorality is taken for granted. Married men are not satisfied with their wives and there is unfaithfulness in marriage among men and women. Every family that breaks down the man is responsible. The father is the priest of the family; the devil is attacking family to bring children to destruction.

Every agent of fornication is the worship of Baal. If you consecrate yourself today and go back to sin tomorrow, you will not grow in life. Anything that takes your attention from God is the worship of Baal. Baal worship locked the heaven against you. Certain connections and friendship will never let you go far in life until you let go. Your connection will either make you or mar you. The prophets of Baal are spiritual robbery. When you are cohabiting with a man or woman whom you are not yet married to you are living with a spiritual robber. Nobody is indispensable in your life it only God that you need. Anything that robs you of your right standing with God also robs you of your blessing. Righteousness benefits you not God.

  • Open Heaven brings about Divine Introduction (Matt 3:13). After the baptism of Jesus the heaven was opened and a voice came announcing Jesus as the beloved son of God whom he is well pleased. The open heaven of Jesus at his baptism was actually the open heaven of every believer in Christ. When you have Jesus you have open heaven.
  • Open Heaven breaks the long camp of stagnation (Jn5:1-9).
  • Open Heaven brings the power and the glory of the Holy Spirit. It is the power of anointing that makes life easy for you, anointing makes life beautiful. It makes you intelligent than your teachers. Anointing gives you something new for your generation. Anointing takes you to the hidden things of God. Anointing makes marriage easy. Anything you do with anointing you function well. Anointing makes a man loves you and blesses you without abusing you. Anointing makes sin bitter. Anointing makes you accept and correct your mistake. Anointing puts a demarcation between you and the devil. God has given us anointing to be different from sin. The hope of life is anointing. Without anointing there is no hope. The word works under anointing and when you struggle with the word you struggle with your blessing.
  • Prayer Guide
  • Thank God for the revelation of this season to change your destiny.
  • Pray that God should take from you whatever source of shame and reproach or any habit that will bring you shame this year.
  • Pray against any generational family sandal that brings shame.
  • Ask God to disconnect you from any connection that will destroy your blessing this year.
  • Pray against any kind of relationship in your life that is robbing you of your blessing.
  • Study and pray with 1Chr.4:9-10, Ex.3:1, 1Kg.18: 30-40, Matt.3:13, Jn.5:1-9 and Ps.66:10-12.