God does not use you and abuse you like man. When you are used by God you are blessed. Any service you render to an organization or a boss that takes away your dignity is satanic. God dignifies and honours whom He used. When God use you He makes you walk on red carpet. Until you have identified your purpose in life you have no reason to live. Watch out for what makes you cry, that may be the reason why you were born. At every season you need to walk in discernment to know the person of your next level. You need somebody to help you through in life. If God wants to gives you a new life He gives you a person and if you miss it, you will struggle.

A mentor is not supposed to take you to his or her direction, he is meant to take you to your direction. The Esau of the flesh is a man without a mentor. There is no self-made person. Esau failed because he had no mentor. The blessing of Jacob was imposed on him by his mother Rebecca. He never asked for it. Whatever you struggle and requested for will bless you and what you never laboured for cannot lift you. Things that come to you easily you lose them easily. God sometimes puts you in a place of helplessness so that when he helps you, you will give gratitude. The pronouncement of the blessing of Isaac to Jacob is found in Genesis 27:27-29:

  1. Heaven Dew: Jacob enjoyed abundant life in everything so he was blessed.
  2. May Nations serve you: Jacob did not live to see nations bow to him. Esau never bow down to Jacob because by his restlessness he too had become rich. Esau became restless and acquired his own nation.
  3. Be Lord over your brothers: This too never came to pass in his life time.
  4. Those who curse you will be cursed and those who bless you will be blessed. This was fulfilled in his life because God told Laban not to say anything to him whether good or bad (Gen 31:29).

The blessing of God for you is not having things now, it is meant for the next generation. God is the God of the future. God permits you to have setbacks for your future good. He can cause a disappointment in relationship that would have ruined your destiny for your future. It is not every handsome man that was supposed to be your husband and it is not every beautiful woman that is supposed to be your wife. Treasure the next generation because the eyes of God are on the next. Isaac was programming the future when he blessed Jacob. The blessing of Jacob became fulfilled in Christ. The dream of Jacob was programmed when he was blessed. Every sacrifice you make programs you for the future. The opportunity you miss today can affect your future. Esau missed out God’s plan for his next generation.

Joseph inherited the blessing of Jacob. Every day you are writing your history in life. Life has principles. Live life intentionally by revelation. Marry by revelation. Revelation is everything in marriage because marriage is a union that will give birth to the next generation. Whom you marry makes or mars you.  Be careful how you live today for you are touching the future without knowing. Don’t be moved by what you see be moved by revelation. Jacob was the man of revelation. Always follow your intuition. There is something about you that is meant to bless you. When you disobey your inner voice you suffer. Pay the price for what you want. Follow your spirit but be careful about your motive.

Rachel was delayed before she could give birth to the child of the next generation. If you are for the next generation God does not permit your things to come so easily because you were meant for the future. Whatever makes you suffer double to get is for the next generation. When Joseph eventually had a dream the third time, Jacob knew Joseph was the one he had been waiting for in the midst of other sons. Nations bowed to Joseph in Egypt. Joseph was the type of Jesus that all nations shall serve Him. As you live today with the next generation in mind, may nations serve you and kings bow down to you because of God who is faithful to you. Amen.

   Prayer Guide

  • Bless God for this revelation for your next generation.
  • Pray that God should give you the grace to recognize the person of your next level.
  • Pray that your children shall not go through the bitter experiences you have gone through.
  • Ask God for the grace to sow seed of righteousness for the next generation.
  • Ask God to bless you and the next generation.
  •   Pray and study with. Gen.27:27-29, 1Chr 4:9-10,Ps. 66:10-12 and 72:1-20.