Fortress is a place that is protected against attack. Fortress offers protection. It offers fortification, stronghold and defense. It also serves as the place of attack. Life is about fortification. The Hebrew Dictionary defines fortress as a place that is “inaccessible.” A place that another person does not have access to. Because it is inaccessible whoever is there enjoys protection. There are many marriages that are in open field and anybody can easily enter. There are finances and businesses that are accessible. Fortress is a dimension of inaccessibility. When you see people who are flourishing in the face of adversity it means their life is inaccessible.

Fortress is the place of strength, refuge and a place of advantage. Advantage means being ahead and having a hedge over your enemy. Life has to do with advantage. Some people join a particular church not because they want salvation but for advantage. When you are inaccessible you have advantage over your enemy. When you know God you have advantage. When God is your God any fall is rising. Daniel had advantage over the lions. The lions defended Daniel because he was enjoying divine advantage. When you have divine advantage you live among lions and dogs but you are inaccessible. To succeed in life, you do not need so many people but divine advantage.

Fortress is the place of Salvation: The place of fortress is a city of refuge. The temptation of the devil is to take you out of the place of fortress to the place of accessibility. Sin makes you accessible to the devil. You do not have a problem with the witches; sin opens the door for the devil to have access to your marriage, to your finances, your health and your business. Jesus Christ is the place of inaccessibility (Col.3:1-4). Being a child of God is not normal, it means you have advantage.  If you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour, build your life in Christ. Your life is now hidden in Christ. If your life is hidden in Christ deathly diseases cannot have access over you. And whoever wants to kill you would first of all meet with Christ, and kill God before he can have access to you. If your enemies cannot kill Christ and God then you are protected in Jesus Name. Amen.

 Stay in the place of inaccessibility. When you take God personal God takes you personal. And when God take you personal, He leaves a personal mark in your generation. Fortress is a personal experience in God. David took God personal and God revealed Himself personally to him. Will you surrender to your heart to God for personal encounter this year? God is waiting for you to reveal His power and glory through you.

                  Prayer Guide

  • Thank God for another series of encounter of divine revelation.
  • Ask God to bring down anything that gives the enemy advantage over your life and family.
  • Pray that God should take away anything from you that deny you of divine advantage.
  • Pray for the grace to stay in the place of inaccessibility.
  • Make declaration to any area of your life that you are inaccessible.
  • Study and pray with Ps. 18:1-4, Ps. 91:1-16, Ps.16:1-11, Ps.46:1-11 and Col. 3:1-4