Fortress is not necessarily a physical thing. Fortress is inaccessible place. There is rest for those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High (91:1). If you dwell in the secret place you are inaccessible to arrows. Everything that hates you also hates the one who carries your help. As a minister, if you do not dwell in the secret place you may die. When you dwell there your marriage will find rest, your business will find rest and your ministry will find rest in God. Fortress is the quality of your life not about the church you attend.

You not go far in life so long as your enemy has a fortress that is inaccessible to you. But when you have advantage over your enemy you find rest. Advantage gives you victory before the fight. As long as the enemy has a fortress you are not safe. The most destructive enemy is the enemy that is so close and innocent. The enemy who is your father, mother or the members of your household. Joseph was eating with his brethren who hated him without his knowledge. Your enemy like to go to the place of your strength and launch attack so that he can have access to you. David went against the Jebusites and conquered the fortress (1Sam.5:6-7). Wisdom gives you strategy to deal with the enemy before he comes close. For you to overcome you enemy you have to destroy the fortress of your enemy. Do not stay in your fortress and think that you are safe.

What gives the enemy advantage over you is within you. The greatest fortress the enemy can use to build a fortress against you is very close to you. It is only God who can reveal to you the secret place of your enemy (Ps.60:7-10). Until you know it you will not deal with it. In your anger do not sin. You are meant to be angry for a good course so that you can bring about change. Until you get angry over certain things you will not change the history of your family. Do not give the devil a foothold over your life (Eph.4:25-27). Everyday people are creating fortresses for the devil to operate. The greatest change is not what changes out there; it is what changes in here. God wants you to see the foothold you have created.

Eve fell, but she was the one who ate the fruit. The enemy uses you against you and uses you to turn against you. The enemy can use your boss in the office against you. The enemy can use your wife or husband against you. The enemy also used the following against you;

Personal Weakness: Every weakness you tolerate is an acceptance and agreement to die early. A decision to tolerate personal weakness is a decision to die young. Great men and kings have been brought down by women. In moment of warfare you are not supposed to mess around with women. David, Solomon and Samson have their experiences to tell us. David was in inaccessible place until he committed adultery (ISam.11). The beauty of a woman reveals the weakness of a man. Do not accuse the beauty of a woman but accuse your disposition towards beautiful women. Watch your heart towards beautiful women. Check your motive and train your heart to hold your ground. What David saw reveals his weakness and his life was never the same.

The fortification of the enemy is the weakness of a man. Deal with your weakness. Write down specific weaknesses that has been a source of the enemy’s advantage over your life. What is the stronghold that is making the devil effective in your life? Deal with it now. Your weakness is the most effective way your enemy can dwell and destroy you. Do not own weakness deal with weakness. Teach your children to recognize their weaknesses early and help them to deal with it.

Greed: Another fortress of the enemy over you is greed. When you long after what you effort and you cannot do anything to get it you are raining a fortress of greed for your enemy to attack. Some women generate issues at home because of what they want at all cost. The devil also uses ignorance to build a fortress against you. Until you make a covenant with knowledge, you will go nowhere. We are living in a knowledge based-society and we are proceeding towards the age of wisdom. Knowledge gives you an advantage over your enemy. Above all seek spiritual knowledge. Hosea 4 verse 6-8 says  “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” You will know the truth and the truth and the truth will set you free. Ignorance brings about fear but knowledge drives out fear.

Outright Disobedience: A life of disobedience is rebellion. The devil is a legalist that wants to have something to hold against you. Honour your father and your mother no matter what they have done to you so that you may live long. Saul failed because of outright disobedience. The life of sin is handing over victory to your enemy. Sin robs you of life and gives victory to your enemy.

Wrong Relationship: Evil association corrupts good manners. Do not make friends with hot-tempered person or you will copy his ways (1Cor.15:33-24, Pr.22:24). “Show me your friend and I will tell who you are.” Very few people live above the relationship they keep. Do not share destiny with wrong people. Defind your destiny. Life is only one you cannot put it in a basket you do not know. What kind of relationship do you keep?

               Prayer Guide

  • Thank God for this eye-opening revelation for your freedom.
  • Ask God to show you the secret place of your enemy.
  • Pray that whatever gives the enemy advantage over you be expired.
  • Pray that your wife or husband and anyone close to you cannot be used against you.
  • Ask God to open your eyes to see your personal weaknesses.
  • Pray for grace to accept your weaknesses and deal with them.
  • Ask God to set fire on your connection and purify your relationship.
  • Study and pray with Ps. 28:7-8, 91:1-16, 18:1-4, 2Sam 5:6-7, Jn.12:1-6 and Hosea 4:6-8.