Knowledge makes you effective. If your attitude is wrong your result will be wrong. Pay attention to what people say. Instruction gives you knowledge and understanding gives you result. Knowledge puts you ahead of things. Warfare is a covenant relationship. Physical warfare is controlled by covenant in the realm. Secret cult is a secret of covenant corrupted. Covenant gives you access to power, wealth and influence of the one you have access to. If you are in a covenant relationship with God you have access to the power of God. Knowledge is wasted when it is not applied. It is the application of knowledge that changes the game. No magic without application.

Covenant makes you different. Covenant brings a different report. It sets you apart. The covenant of marriage sets a man and woman part. A covenant is a chain that binds two people together. Covenant from the Hebrew word Berith means league. A league is an association of persons or group with common interest. Be careful of your interest because your interest will put you in the same league of people of the same interest. League brings people of common goal and interest together. Which league is driving your life?

The league you belong to gives you regulation in life. League is partnership. Covenant is partnership and association. Partnership means standing together which means giving and receiving. Marriage puts you in the same league with your husband and wife. Covenant gives you access to partnership. Man is an association of covenant between the flesh and the spirit (Gen.2:7-9). Your life can only work well in covenant. You need connection, collaboration and league to succeed. Our work on earth is partnership and covenant with God. To succeed you must be in league with God in every area of your life.

Be careful how you handle your work in your office and your business. Anything you do on earth is to promote the kingdom of God. God has power to influence your work and make you prosper. Everything God did was good but you must take responsibility. God wants to be involved in your life. Anything you exclude God from it is a waste of time. Submission and obedience are the terms of covenant relationship with God. You submit to whom you love. Love is the way by which a man and a woman submit to each other. Without obedience covenant cannot bless you. You submit by grace and trust in God not by your strength.

In everything you do your morality must stand out. Your business must prosper according to God’s standard. Your marriage must be according to God’s standard. Anything you put disobedience into it would die. Your covenant of blessing works in obedience and your obedience empowers God. Every man must be bound to God in a covenant relationship. Everything you do must obey God according to God’s standard. When you walk in obedience and submission God fights your battles for you.


Prayer Guide

  • Exalt the name of the Lord for this revelation.
  • Pray against every ancestral league that is operating in your destiny.
  • Ask God for the grace of submission to His will and purpose for your life.
  • Study and obey the word and walk in His ways.
  • Intentionally break away from every wrong association and league that will deprive of God’s blessings.
  • Pray with Genesis 2:7-9, 2:15, 6:18