Dominion can be defined as having control, being in charge, exercising rule or lordship. Dominion is about doing what you like, how you like, whenever you like, as long as it lies within your jurisdiction. The only true source of dominion is God. Dominion is God’s attribute and only God does as He pleases (Ps. 22: 27-28; 104: 1-5, Daniel 4: 34-35).

In the beginning God created everything. He gave man authority over everything that was created – authority over everything in man’s order. It is worthy of note that man was given authority and dominion over things and was never permitted to dominate or lord over man (Ps 2:19).

God’s original intention is for man – created in His likeness and having the attributes of the earth (dust) – to represent Him on the earth, having dominion over things. This authority was to enable man take charge of the affairs on the earth. A typical example is recorded in Gen. 2:19 where Adam named every living creature that God brought to him, and whatever name Adam called every living creature, that was its name.

Man lost this dominion on the disobedience of the first Adam, but glory to God, by the obedience of Jesus Christ, dominion as restored to mankind. Today you and I can partake of this dominion by association – through the covenant.

Remember, it is only in God that dominion works. He is the foundation for man’s dominion through Jesus Christ. Having Jesus Christ in your life, observed in obedience of God’s word brings about dominion in every area of your life. Meaning that once you walk in disobedience, you lose dominion (1Cor. 3:11, 2Tim. 2:19).

Take a decision to obey God and walk in dominion in marriage, health, career, spiritual life, business and every sphere of life.

Prayer Guide:

  • Thank God for this revelation on dominion
  • Ask God for the grace to walk in obedience of His word
  • Break away from every false dominion and satanic authority in the name of Jesus
  • Reclaim your dominion by accepting/rededicating your life to Jesus Christ
  • Intentionally name members of your household and things around you to reflect what you want them to be and exhibit.

Gen. 2:19, Ps. 22: 27-28.