The Difference is on the hill. The hill is the supernatural and the spiritual place of destiny. The hill is where things are distorted. The hill is the dimension of the air. When you rule the air you have power over the earth. Advantage is in the air. The hill therefore, is the place of advantage. When you climb to the top of the hill the devil is afraid of you. There is no successful ministry until it happens on the hill. Things are determine on the hill. “Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what, is false” (Ps.24:2-3). When your hands are stained you are down. You can stand on a hill with clear conscience and relocate your enemy.

The hill side of Life is the advantage of life. When you are aware that things are settled on the hill level you remain unshakable in every situation. The information that comes from the hill is the authentic and ultimate. Treasure the rod of God in your hand, no pleasure should take your rod from you. God has given you all you need to fulfill destiny. Treasure yourself; don’t let anybody look down on you (Ps.139:14). Make a donation of your ordinariness for extra-ordinary things. God looks for the insignificant to reveal His glory.

It is one thing to have the rod in your hand and another thing is to apply it to your situation. Apply your relationship with God intentionally to your need. Application changes everything. Assign the word of God to specific things in your life. Assign the word to the labour of your hand. Apply the word! Children would have greater success if their parents can assign destiny to them early in life. When parents take their responsibility children will not be assign destiny by strangers. Strategy makes the difference in life. The most strategic moment of life is school life where children are given to evil teachers. We need parents to be on the hill to command children to go and fight the Amelek. Are you ready to go to the hill to stand in the gap? Are you prepared and ready to bring another person to the world?

Everything a child becomes depends on what you put in a child. What you constantly say is what your children become. The rod of God in your hand is your relationship with God. You have influence because you have relationship with God. Anything that attacks your relationship with God is doing damage to your life. Your relationship can change the destiny of your children. Don’t take likely your intimate relationship with God. You are powerful! The rod of God in your hand is your covenant relationship with God. You can stand in the gap for somebody to live. You can stand on the hill for your husband as a wife and a husband can stand on the hill for his wife during pregnancy. A woman needs spiritual and physical coverage during pregnancy because she is most vulnerable at this time. You are the programmer and the designer that will bring your children to be what God made them. Use your rod of power and authority to apply like Moses.

  • Prayer Guide
  • Exalt the Name of the Lord for bringing to you the word of life.
  • Dedicate your life and family to God this year.
  • Pray for the grace to always be on the hill of God.
  • Pray against anything that will stand between you and your relationship with God.
  • If you are married, pray with your wife and children and speak into their destinies.
  • If you are still single, pray for you future husband or wife and speak into the destinies of your unborn children.
  • Pray with 1Chr.4:9-10, Ex.17:3-8, Ps. 16:1-11, 24:1-10 n 139:14.