Building gives you power and power gives you advantage. When you build you become powerful. Life will respond to you if you understand the secret of building. What you build will give you advantage and what you build can also bless you. God rewards builders. God gives power to those who build. Life favours those who build. It is not enough to receive, what is received needs to be preserved. When a destiny is imposed on a child it becomes a waste because that child does not have the capacity to build. Don’t do things because others are doing it. Live your life according to conviction. The capacity to build what you receive is what makes you powerful.

It is not enough to acquire, what is acquired needs to be developed. When you develop what you acquire you are building. When you build you multiply your advantage and power. It is not enough to take over, what is taken over needs to be fortified by building. If you have taken back what was stolen from you, you need to build a wall around it so that it would not be stolen again. Fortification comes from building fortress. A builder digs in and gets involved. Your power comes from your involvement. David was a warrior and Solomon his son was known for his wisdom while Rehoboam who took over from Solomon was known for waste. Rehoboam generation is a looser generation. For some people the only thing they need is not more money but the wisdom to manage the one they already have.

Life is about Invention. Live intentionally and live according to vision and give people what to talk about. If you do not tell people your name they will call you a dog one day. Build your CV; build your resume and your profile. After all your prayer build yourself. It does not matter whether you started working with SSCE, but you can build yourself beyond where you are to become a managing director. Reinvent your life and build your life. If someone insult you do not feel bad, rise above the insult. When you build your CV you have advantage. Develop yourself in your own area of life. Build your grade as a student. You have the potential to become an ‘A’ student. Build where you are now. Surprise those who wrote you off. Read books to build yourself. When you increase in your studies you gain.

Anybody can build. Build your business, go beyond your business ideas and attend seminars that will help you build your business. You can make something significant out of your life. If you are focus on building your business that business will build you. Build what you have. Have the humility to build and endurance to build. Build with patient and humility. Delay your present gratification for your future gain. It takes discipline and time to build. The future belongs to those who build today. Build you career. Make friends with people who can challenge you to build. Build your natural ability. Your natural ability is to make you shine. The world is waiting for your star to shine. Build you musical ability. Do not waste your God-given ability because God wants you to build.

Build your Personality: Personality is built intentionally. Craft your life the way you want people to see you. Walk intentionally and deliberately. Build your self-consciousness. How you present yourself matters. There are some companies that will not employ you based on your educational qualification but base on your personality. Dress intentionally. How you dress makes a statement about you and people treat you accordingly. Be the best personality you can. Create personality intentionally. Attract attention for something positive.

Build your Spiritual Life: Your power increases as you increase your building. Have a strong spiritual foundation. Build your spiritual capacity. Those who are spiritually solid are not pitiable. Resilient comes from spiritual building.

Build to Last:  Build according to vision because without vision there is no direction. Build strategically. Strategy enables you to build today for another day. Look at your relationships and ask yourself where that relationship is leading you to. Build in knowledge and build wisely. Wisdom makes you grow down first before you rise. Build deliberately and build intentionally. Be focus in your building. Build consistently to ensure progress.


What are you building currently? List down areas you want to build your life this year. Build your emotions. Be your best friend and do what is right if God has approved of you. Study and pray with 1Samuel 5:1-10 and Pr.24:3-5.