Do Something Extra

Uzziah was sixteen (16) years when he became king and he reigned in Jerusalem for fifty-two (52) years. He sought God in the days of Zechariah the priest. As long as he served the Lord, God gave him success (2Chr.26:3). The one who has understanding has the vision of God. It matters that you are instructed. When you overlook the power of instruction you will not go far in life. Laziness of the mind brings poverty and mediocrity which eventually lead to lack and witchcraft. You cannot prosper in any area if you don’t have knowledge.

After prayer, if you don’t study you will not succeed as a student. When you don’t have knowledge you cannot go far in life. Studies and openness to learning and listening to inspiring messages enlighten your mind and increase your level of knowledge. You cannot succeed in marriage without knowledge. In every area of your endeavour, it is knowledge that makes you prosper “my people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Knowledge is a process; you cannot have knowledge without patience. Being properly guided and seeking right knowledge in God lead to success. You cannot be a child of God who rules in righteousness and holiness and you play life at the lowest level. You have the power of God to do all things on earth (Phi.4:13). Immorality keeps you in darkness, holiness makes you shine. As the light of the world, you are to set the standard of God for the world and not follow the world’s standard.

Knowledge makes you shine. It gives you a great mind-set. When somebody make mistake God has prepared somebody to take over. Queen Esther followed the instructions of Mordecai and succeeded. Righteousness exalts a nation! Godliness makes you powerful. When you go out in bed with somebody who is not your husband or wife you go out of your destiny. When people bring tribute to the king it is because he is powerful, tribute is the gift they bring to you because you have been made powerful in God. Godliness makes you powerful. Godliness positions you for success in every area of your life. When the godly is powerful the world is a better place.

Being guided by somebody who has the visions of God is to be helped by God. When you are helped by God you will never fail. When you seek God in knowledge you will find Him. This desperate time is waiting for the revelation and the manifestation of those who are helped by God. Whom God help is the greatest. Do something extra. You can be helped by God but you are not powerful. You need the ability for extra thing this year. While you are schooling think of one extra thing you will do. The extra thing that you do gives you extra advantage.

Life is a competition. As a student, you are competing with other students in the whole world. Think extra this year. As a husband, think extra to bring income; as a wife think extra and as a pastor do something extra to inspire the people of God. Extra stretches you and blesses you. You cannot have more in life until you are stretched. As you are seeking God do something extra. Do one extra thing that will make you powerful like king Uzziah who started life early. Develop yourself extra this year!

Life is what you bring out of it.  This year is the year of extra action. Do one extra thing, look for an extra thing. If you are doing nothing, after you have stay long with doing nothing, do extra thing. It is your extra thing that turns your nothingness into something. Until you seek you cannot find. The extra thing that you will seek thing year will lift you in Jesus name. Amen!

          Prayer Guide

  • Thank God for another revelation for extra result this year.
  • Pray passionately that God should give you extra vision this year.
  • Ask God for the grace and the ability to do one extra thing that will increase your income.
  • Pray for extra ideas that will change the history of your family.
  • Ask God for the grace to pay attention to right instruction that will make you powerful.
  • Pay attention this week for the things God will drop in your mind as you pray, then take action and you will see result this year.
  • Study and pray with Hosea 4:6, 1Chr.4:9-10, 2Chr.26:1-5 and Ps.16:1-11.