You need a prophet

A prophet is a man or woman of the word. What definds a prophet is the word of God. Abraham was called a prophet because he lived by the word of God. You may be living in a mansion but you are in Egypt the place of slavery. Egypt is a mind-set and a system that keeps you in bondage. But when God wants to deliver you from Egypt, He sends a prophet. The Israelites were brought out of Egypt by a prophet. God’s chose may live in Egypt. Your Promised Land is first of all the place of slavery and foreign to you. When you are in such situation, keep quite it is a matter of time that God will send a prophet to bring you out.

To get out of Egypt sometimes it has to get worse to get better. A prophet is somebody who has revelation of the word and the authority to communicate the word. A prophet is someone who has been given authority to speak. A man or woman who has revelation of God and the gift of the word has been given authority and the right to speak the word, that person has ability to do what only God can do. Signs and miracles are the authentication of a true prophet that has been sent on a mission but be careful of signs. God told Moses to use his staff and signs happened before Pharaoh. When a prophet go out there will be proof. The prophet is the one whom God has given the ability to do the logically impossible in the eyes of men.

When a prophet appears let your faith also appear. There is a place for prophetic contribution in your destiny. In every family that is in bondage there is a prophet that carries the key to open the door and sets you free. There comes a day that a prophet is sent like Moses to set you free form the limitation that has kept your family in one place. This year by a prophet, the word of God will work for you.

Darkness is there for as long as the word has not come (Gen.1:1). Formlessness and shapelessness will remain as long as the word has not come. It is the word of God that gives you shape and forms your life. The word has the capacity to bring fame into shame; the word of God has the ability to bring form into formlessness. This year there is a solution and a form to your formlessness because the spirit of God is hovering over darkness and there is light in every dark situation in Jesus name. Amen!

       Prayer Guide

  • Thank God for bringing you to another year.
  • Dedicate this year to God.
  • Invite the light of God to shine on your path this year.
  • Join the 40 Days Covenant Fast that began on the 1st-of January-9th Fast as your strength can carry you.
  • Write down your expectations for this year.
  • Pray every day within these 40days with 1Chronicles 4:9-10 and ask God to bless you.
  • Ask God for evidence of a New Thing in your life and family for the New Year.

       Study 1Chr.4:9-10, 20:20, Hosea 12:13-13 and Ps.66:10-12